14 Temmuz 2024

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Şahane Meyhane,” the new stop of flavour, opened the season in Izmir like a bomb!

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“Şahane Meyhane,” indispensable for the gastronomy world of Izmir, opened its doors after a long wait and made a bombastic entrance to the season. The venue, which is the meeting point of flavour and entertainment, is excited to welcome its regulars.

Located in one of the city’s favourite neighbourhoods, “Şahane Meyhane,” offers a unique experience to its guests by blending the tavern culture with modern touches. It aims to leave unforgettable tastes on the palates with the rich flavours on its menu in the new season.

Offering the best examples of tavern culture, Şahane Meyhane attracts attention with its friendly atmosphere and pleasant music.


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