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Nomination Uncertainty in Karabağlar…

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Shortly before the 31 March 2024 local elections, nomination uncertainty continues in Karabağlar, one of the most populous districts of Izmir.


Selvitopu or Demirkıran in CHP?


Current CHP mayor Muhittin Selvitopu is expected to run for another term. However, it is learned that a group of NGOs are in contact with the headquarters to nominate İnan Demirkıran as a candidate. A decision on this issue is expected at the Party Assembly meeting to be held on Thursday.


Will AK Party nominate Tunç or Doğruca in Karabağlar?


In the AK Party, Hamza Dağ, who was announced as the candidate for Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, is expected to nominate Mehmet Sadık Tunç in Karabağlar. In addition, it is rumoured that former district chairman İrfan Doğruca will also be a candidate.


IYI Party is in a state of turmoil


In the IYI Party, the candidates have not yet been announced. It is claimed that G.U., who was mentioned in the Menemen corruption file and sentenced, will be a candidate. İ. B., who was a candidate candidate from the AK Party last term but was not elected, is rumoured to have donated a sum of 10 million to the metropolitan mayoral candidate Ümit Özlale and the district chairmanship and in return he wants to secure the mayorship. In addition, Ş.E., who has no criminal record and is popular with his structure that embraces everyone, is also shown as one of the leading names among the İYİ Party candidates.

Will it be up for grabs for rent-seeking transformation?


Urban transformation works continue in Karabağlar. In this context, demolition works have started in many neighbourhoods of the district.


It is claimed that urban transformation in Karabağlar will be carried out for rent and therefore the race for candidacy will be shaped accordingly.



Citizens living in Karabağlar are worried about the uncertainty of candidacy. Citizens want that Karabağlar is not the property of anyone’s father and the nomination race should be held for public service.

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