18 Temmuz 2024

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Karabağlar Wind from Deva Party Leader Babacan

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DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan attracted great interest of the public with the opening of his Election Coordination Centre in Karabağlar. An enthusiastic crowd gave a warm welcome to Babacan and Karabağlar Mayor Candidate Abdullah Kaya.

The opening of the SKM took place in an atmosphere coloured by young people with torches. Ali Babacan and Abdullah Kaya felt the support of the people in this enthusiastic atmosphere.

In his short speech, Abdullah Kaya emphasised the change they promised for Karabağlar and called for acting together.

After the inauguration, Ali Babacan and Abdullah Kaya made closer contact with the public with an enthusiastic march on Eskiizmir Street.

Babacan established sincere dialogues with the citizens they met on the road and made everyone feel the energy and excitement of DEVA Party.

Considering this special day as a milestone for DEVA Party, Ali Babacan and the accompanying delegation travelled to Çiğli.



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