17 Temmuz 2024

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Independent Turkey Party Karabağlar Mayor Candidate Taner Özgür withdrew his candidacy and was replaced by Furkan Mercan

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Due to health problems, Independent Turkey Party Karabağlar Mayor candidate Taner Özgür withdrew from the mayoral candidacy process. Furkan Mercan, a 21-year-old young name, was nominated instead.

Due to an unfortunate health problem I have experienced, I have withdrawn from the Independent Turkey Party Karabağlar Mayor Candidacy process and left my place to our young candidate Furkan Mercan. We declare to the whole public that I will give all kinds of support for our party and our young candidate during the election process, and that we will fulfill the promise of our General President Hüseyin Baş, Young People Do It, and that we will walk this road together with a brilliant 21-year-old brother.”

Independent Turkey Party will be in the field with all its power in Karabağlar.”



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