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Dorsa : “Exactly” Let Happiness Be Our Motto

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In 2000, crowned with the Best Model contest, the registered beauty, famous model Nilay Dorsa, known for her modelling life for years, stepped into music life in 2010 with her first single work “Aphrodisiac”. Nilay Dorsa, who shot her first music video for her song “Aşk Beach”, also interpreted Zülfü Livaneli’s “Leylim Ley” in the same single by covering it.Nilay Dorsa then took her place in the music world with her works titled “Xlarge”, “This Summer”, “Vay be” and “Caka” after “Harbie Girl”, then “Sana Şarkı Söylerim”, which is a Yıldız Tilbe song.Nilay Dorsa is preparing to meet music lovers with her new single work “Aynen” this time.


Nilay Dorsa filmed a music video for her song “Aynen” on the island of Phuket in Thailand, which is called the country of ‘freedom and tolerance’. Together with this work of Nilay Dorsa, the music video of her last 3 works was filmed on Phuket Island. Nilay Dorsa, who expresses herself as a nature lover, said ‘I admire the nature, ethnic air and exotic structure of Phuket Island, it fascinates me, I am in love with this place’. Nilay Dorsa, who expressed herself as an ‘amazon woman’, stated that she reflected her warrior and struggling identity in the clip. Nilay Dorsa, who said that she likened herself to the character of ‘Xena’, stated that she showed this warrior spirit in the clip by integrating it with the atmosphere of Phuket Island, as well as her costumes, hair and make-up.


Nilay Dorsa said the following about her new song called “Aynen”.

“I made a slogan song…My song is about today’s ‘toxic relationships’.

As a result of lies, deceit, betrayals, betrayals, we cannot be satisfied, insecure relationships have become today’s ‘toxic relationships’…we have made unhappiness a habit and become immune to it. “Aynen” symbolises the power against this corrosive immunity. From now on, “Exactly” will be our happiness motto.”


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