18 Temmuz 2024

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Change starts from Gaziemir.

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İsmail Hakkı Özçelik, a well-known businessman and politician of Gaziemir, set out for CHP Gaziemir district mayoral candidacy in the 31 March local elections.

Özçelik, who set out to be the loud voice of the youth, will submit his file to the district next week for his candidacy.

Gaziemir means İsmail Hakkı Özçelik!

Özçelik, who will set out to be a Candidate Candidate for Mayor of Gaziemir, made a short statement. Özçelik, who is preparing with serious projects if he is a candidate;

“When I become a candidate with the appreciation of my party and our general president, we will set out to change the face of Gaziemir with our serious projects with my working team.

Dear Gaziemir residents

“I have decided to take a step for the future of Gaziemir. If you approve my candidacy, we will sail to new horizons together. With the support of our party and together with my working team, I would like to say that we will set out with projects that will transform Gaziemir. Together with you, I am determined to change the face of our city with embracing and innovative steps.”


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