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Ambitious Name in Kemalpaşa Said I’m In

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Oğuz Şalvız, a well-known name in the Izmir business world, made his application to the CHP Kemalpaşa District Presidency for the nomination process for Kemalpaşa Mayor Candidacy.

On 31 March, the excitement is at its peak before the Local Elections to be held

Oğuz Şalvız and his team continue to work without slowing down with their projects in the elections where many candidates are preparing ambitiously. Şalvız, who is preparing to be the candidate of the change process in Chp and has the power to get votes from many segments in Kemalpaşa, made a short statement.

In his statement Şalvız said;

“If I am nominated as a candidate who can get the votes of the Nationalist Conservative voters with the air created by Mr General President Özgür Özel, it is our greatest desire to continue Chp municipalism again with a serious vote potential. With all my excitement, youth and energy for our Republic and our Party, the Republican People’s Party, as well as my responsibilities to this beautiful country,
On 31 March 2024, I want to serve our Kemalpaşa in the local government elections to be held in 2024 and I am honoured to announce my candidacy for mayor of Kemalpaşa. I would like to thank everyone who is with me.”


Born in 1982 in Bayraklı İzmir, his mother Erzurum and father Kars origin. He received an associate degree in Health Institutions Management. He has been operating devices in Izmir for 15 years. He has active duties in non-governmental organisations. Especially through the Entrepreneur Business People Association, he leads various organisations in the direction of institutionalisation of private and corporate companies in SME status.

For the last 6 years, he has taken part in technical studies related to politics, especially at the General Centre level. He has a political view that does not compromise Atatürk’s principles, believes in changes for a democratic and legal country Turkey with national values and struggles for this cause.

As a member of the generation that grew up with the values of the Republic, he set out to use his experiences and excitement for a bright Turkey and to serve his country. He speaks English at intermediate level and has 2 daughters.



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