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ADP Provincial Chairman Sarıbuğa ADP will be the Hope of Turkey

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Justice and Democracy Party Izmir Provincial Chairman Adeni Sarıbuğa made statements before the upcoming local elections. Sarıbuğa “We will be a party that produces solutions, not complaints”

Justice and Democracy Party Izmir Provincial Chairman Adeni Sarıbuğa;

“Our party was officially established on 23.05.2022 and has completed the organisation in 30 provinces and we aim to enter the first local and general elections to be held by establishing all provincial and district organisations close to the local elections this year. Let’s protect democratic politics, justice and our future together.


SARIBUĞA stated that the Justice and Democracy Party increased the number of members with the determined and honourable stance of its General President Yusuf Diril and came stronger every day; By explaining the realities of the country, women, young people, young and old, women, men, students, workers, civil servants, minimum wage earners, pensioners, farmers will join the organised process of our party and we will continue our way and we will be the hope of Turkey.

SARIBUĞA; Our party, which will benefit from the accumulation of Turkish politics and state tradition from today to the past, will stay away from the mistakes made so far, turn the right things into party policy, and produce services and politics based on social memory and state mind, not individual mind. He said.

We are getting ready to face Izmirites with new projects. In the local elections to be held in March, we plan to make an alliance in Izmir and its districts with the approval of our General President.


He was born in 1973 in Ardahan Göle Balçeşme village. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Electrical Engineering. He is a contractor in Esenyurt, Istanbul.

He is a contractor in Izmir Urla and has opened a boutique hotel called Urla Venice Houses in Urla for tourism service.

In 2022, Izmir successful businessmen received the Aegean gold award. 6 months ago, he is the İzmir provincial chairman of the Justice and Democracy Party with the counselling of its chairman Yusuf Diril.


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